My name is Franca Galati and I have always loved natural stones and their beauty, but it wasn't until I experienced my very first workshop that I became connected and began to explore the power of semi-precious stones and their energy, and how my choices of stones could help me in my life journey.


In search of my own path and purpose through yoga and mindful meditation, I began to create bracelets to help me infuse specific intentions in my life in 2014.  In doing so, it sparked an interest in my friends, family and local business owners and began my own business designing intentions for others to benefit in their daily lives. 


Each bracelet is designed and hand-strung with love and intention to give you a sense of calm, direction, and positive attitude in life.

In addition, the health and wellness of essential oils have also been integrated into my collection with many intention bracelets with added Lava Stones to diffuse your favorite oil.


Having affected so many people in their daily life, my creations have given me an enormous sense of gratitude as I continue to create and give a sense of calm, self-growth, and happiness to many more.


I invite you to choose and explore my infusions of natural stones and mindfulness to help you "live your life with intention".