Hand strung with 15mm rose quartz heart and 8mm, yellow fire agate, howlite turquoise, pink mangano, white jade. And infused with love and intention ♥️

Rose quartz warms your heart to keep you calm and tranquil as it inspires self love and love for others. Rose Quartz is know as a stone of unconditional love and will help you develop a closer bond with family and friends. 
Pink Mangano is a deeply nurturing stone that helps us to be gentle with ourselves for peace and well-being. It is also a powerful stress reliever. 

Yellow fire agate provides as steady vibrant energy. 

Turquoise howlite is a joyful, healing stone that attracts friendships, luck and happiness. 

White Jade will help protect you from negative energies. With the guidance of this stone, you will be able to change negative feelings to positive ones, and make progress towards a bright future. 

Pink Lava Stone’s energy is direct and powerful, it is know for its grounding and calming qualities.

Bunny Hugs