Made with faceted 8mm rose quartz, 8mm white howlite, one 8mm lava stone to diffuse essential oil and accented with a 10mm stainless steel paw bead.  Each bracelet is handstrung on a strong elastic cord, infused with love and intention.

Puppy Love

  • Puppy Love

    Rose Quartz inspires the love of beauty in oneself,  others and  nature.  Rose quartz is known as the stone of love and will help you develop a closer bond with family, friends, and of course your pets.

    Howlite reduces stress and anxiety. Quietly soothes and calms to bring gentleness and patience.

    Lava Stone's energy is direct and powerful, it is known for its grounding and calming qualities.

    Wear your Puppy Love and connect with your furever friend.